Gary LaCroix

Gary LaCroix

Creative Manager

Gary LaCroix thrives on the challenge of strategically building and redefining brands. Since joining Bailey Brand Consulting over 15 years ago, Gary has lead hundreds of team projects across a wide range of categories. From the global launch of Vectrix, the world’s first fully electric maxi-scooter, to a host of pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and food and beverage industries, Gary has worked with such clients as Twinings, LG Electronics, Maxell, McNeil, Pfizer, ERB, and Bausch+Lomb.
Gary’s work has garnered numerous accolades, including awards from American Corporate Identity, American Graphic Design and American Package Design Awards, and he holds a few patents on structural designs, including an inverted bottle design for a line of Welch’s Jams and Preserves.
Gary received a BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and as a former Massachusetts native, is a dedicated Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan. He’s also a self-proclaimed technology geek, movie buff and home theater enthusiast, and is an avid tennis and racquetball player.

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