For 40 years, GS1 US has been engaging industry leaders and providing support to individual companies in the development, adoption and implementation of information standards that revolutionize the way they do business. Their challenges were many: to simultaneously leverage and transcend their heritage as the pioneer of the U.P.C. barcode for the grocery industry, to overcome a recent merger-driven name change that left many confused, and to find a way to tell a simple, compelling story around a complex subject.

Working closely with all levels of the organization, we developed a new messaging strategy and aesthetic for their brand that ties together all of their communications, online and off. We also created a new identity for their company, 1SYNC. The new messaging and branding position GS1 US as the trusted experts who “make it possible.” A visually compelling icon system reinforces their activity in diverse industries and captures the integrated world of business — a world that needs GS1 US Standards to speak the same language, work together and move forward.

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GS1 Website

GS1 Website<br />

GS1 Website

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GS1 Website