Hyland’s Homeopathy

Hyland's Baby Identity

For generations, moms have turned to Hyland’s Teething Tablets for an all-natural way to soothe their babies during the stressful time of teething. So when the California-based Hyland’s wanted to evolve its line of homeopathic medicines for baby, it reached out to Bailey to help capture the brand’s 100-year heritage in a new design for the entire Hyland’s Baby line of products. The new design captures the essence of the trusted brand but gives it an emotional, contemporary look that appeals to today’s mom.

Bailey and the Hyland’s brand team knew that maintaining trust with a new generation of moms would take more than just a redesign of the package. Moms have always sought advice from each other, but today’s moms communicate in so many ways. So Bailey worked with the Hyland’s brand team to create a robust online presence, including a new website for the Hyland’s Baby brand that works in conjunction with its social media presence. The new site enables Hyland’s to create a community of moms who can interact with each other and the brand team. Hyland’s can also tap into this group for future product ideas, as well as suggest relevant homeopathic solutions for other members of their family.

<p>Hyland’s Baby Identity</p>

Hyland’s Baby Identity